A high-Quality environment


A carefully restored 16th Century farmhouse, attractive, welcoming rooms, complete with fireplace, warm wainscoting and artistic decorations in wrought iron, and a prestigious summer garden sorrounded by green tranquillity, all combine to create a uniquely refined and elegant setting. Also extraordinary in terms of quality and quantity is the Wine-cellar, a rare, beutiful and haunting place.

The ideal setting for every occasion

The exclusive environment, the guarantee of a warm welcome and impeccable service and the refined cusine all make the Corte Lombarda the perfect setting for parties, ceremonies, meetings, business conventions, exhibition and events.

A classically innovative cuisine


A creative cuisine that id deeply rooted in the culinary traditions of Lombardy, showing a wonderful balance between taste-innovation and the reinterpretation of classic flavours. Our chefs’ expert revisiting and research work ha sled to dishes that have become deservedly famous, such as Michele Martinetti “Fresh pasta bonbons”, Fulvio Raffanini “Prawn tails in health salad and mango”.


The staff of the Corte Lombarda is at your service to organise the most suitable forms of hospitality for your taste and requirements.


Contact us

Corte Lombarda Restaurant   –   P.zza Matteotti, 9

20020 Cantalupo di Cerro Maggiore (MI)

Tel: 0331 535 604   –   E-mail: info@cortelombarda.it

12: 30 – 15: 30  |  19: 45 – 00: 30   –   Closed Sunday evening and Monday